On 04/16/2013 06:11 PM, Scott Ferguson wrote:
> On 4/16/13 8:24 AM, Vidar Skaugen wrote:
>> Hi. We have a web app that uses quite a bit of memory, so after roughly
>> 20 instances per GB allocated memory it starts to spend more and more
>> time doing garbage collection. With enough concurrent connections it
>> grinds to a halt.
>> I've been trying to limit the number of threads that are started at
>> once. <port-thread-max> seems to work for this, and does what I want
>> when I setup Resin as a http server. However I've been unable to get it
>> to work with mod_caucho. Setting <port-thread-max> in <port-default> or
>> setting port_thread_max in resin.properties does not seem to affect the
>> traffic coming in from mod_caucho.
> If this is for Resin 4.0, you might try <cluster-port>, which has the
> same syntax as <http> and lets you configure the 6800 port properties.
> The config looks like:
>     <server id="a">
>        <http .../>
>        <cluster-port port="6800">
>              <port-thread-max>20</port-thread-max>
>        </cluster-port>
>        ...
> If you're in a clustered environment, that limit might cause problems
> with the clustering.

Thank you very much for the reply Scott. I wasn't aware that was an 
option. After extrapolating from your reply I ended up using:

<server id="nettskjema-1" address="" port="6800">

Also, sorry for the late reply. I've been testing it quite a bit since 
there's still a problem somewhere with an occasional response getting 
dropped, but I'm pretty sure now that the port-thread-max bit works 
perfectly and it's an unrelated issue (there are quite a few places if 
could happen since it goes through apache and mod_caucho before reaching 

  - Vidar Engh Skaugen

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