Hi. We have a web app that uses quite a bit of memory, so after roughly 
20 instances per GB allocated memory it starts to spend more and more 
time doing garbage collection. With enough concurrent connections it 
grinds to a halt.

I've been trying to limit the number of threads that are started at 
once. <port-thread-max> seems to work for this, and does what I want 
when I setup Resin as a http server. However I've been unable to get it 
to work with mod_caucho. Setting <port-thread-max> in <port-default> or 
setting port_thread_max in resin.properties does not seem to affect the 
traffic coming in from mod_caucho.

The only way I've been able to limit it at all is to set thread-max in 
<server> really low (20-ish seems to be the minimum that has a chance of 
working). Of course I don't want to do this, since this limits all 
system threads and setting it too low causes weird problems if resin 
runs out of threads.

Setting keepalive-max, connection-max, or thread-idle-max in server 
doesn't help, and accept-thread-max isn't applicable. Is there a setting 
I'm overlooking somewhere?

  - Vidar Engh Skaugen

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