A conversion program would be really awesome. Nothing fancy or time consuming 
like file creation. Something that just takes old input as argument and prints 
the converted value to stdout would be enough.
Thanks a lot in advance.
-- Steffen

On 9/26/14, 2:28 AM, BUSCH Steffen wrote:
Hi Scott,

finally I'm preparing to move from Resin 3.1 to 4.0 and wondering if it would 
be possible if you could add legacy-support for the old-encoding feature to the 
XmlAuthenticator. I've been using it in many quite old 3.1 files like this:

  <authenticator type="com.caucho.server.security.XmlAuthenticator">
      <password-digest old-encoding="true" algorithm="MD5" />

Any chance?

Would a conversion program work for you? The old-encoding was an old bug where 
base64 wasn't implemented properly. I'd prefer to keep that code out of the 
main authentication code.

-- Scott



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