First, double check that RestfulLocal is annotated with @Path.  If so, 
I'm guessing its a classloader problem because of this error message:

> java.lang.RuntimeException: Class is not a root resource.  It, or one of
> its interfaces must be annotated with @Path: $Proxy409 implements:
>   com.acme.session.RestfulLocal

In that case, make sure all your Resteasy libraries are installed in the 
ear's /lib, and that there is no copy in the WAR's.

BTW, if you can, you should upgrade to AS7.  Its faster, supports EE6, 
and is integrated with Resteasy.  You don't even have to have an EAR 
anymore.  You should also upgrade your Resteasy version as I'm guessing 
you're using a much older one.

Bill Burke
JBoss, a division of Red Hat

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