My use case: I have had a **single** interface where was defined both:
- my (annotated) REST methods
- my EJB methods, which are exactly the same than my REST methods
because my REST interface is implemented through an EJB (3.0).

I wanted to declare an EJB method that would not be a REST method.
So, I've put this method into my REST interface, but without any REST 
annotation associated with this method.

During my test, Rest-Easy rised an error, because, even if  this new method was 
not associated with any REST annotation, the class has one: a @Path annotation.
So, it looks like Rest-Easy is expecting this new method to be a REST method 
too (like others within the same interface), and then, Rest-Easy is expected 
REST annotations with this new method.

So, I am looking for the following: tell Rest-Easy this or that method (of an 
interface) is not to be understood as a REST method.

Is there a way to do that ?

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