Mixing auto-scan may lead to misunderstanding for maintenance of code. I
agree scan should be possible, as long as you do not mix Spring features
with Resteasy, especially bean lifecycle. Usually I inject business beans
in resteasy WS using Spring IoC, @Autowired or @Inject annotations are
ignored if REST URL handlers are not seen by Spring listener. Using more
features of Spring will have some strange side effects if remote calls are
not in a Spring context. After some tests and long time of debugging trying
to understand why Spring is not fully usable (I remember a case where
@Autowired was working but not some EL in @Value), I only configure
Resteasy "Spring MVC integration" in the main app, and "Spring Integration"
in Resteasy for test. For simple REST WS, I have another war, without any
Spring dependency.

2014-02-06 20:41 GMT+01:00 Anthony Whitford <anth...@whitford.com>:

> I have a project that is using RestEasy -- there were 23 resources.
> The project was using "resteasy.scan.resources=true" in the web.xml.
> Now, I added another resource.  This time, we need Spring.
> So, I add the resteasy-spring dependency and update the web.xml,
> according to the docs:
> http://docs.jboss.org/resteasy/docs/3.0.6.Final/userguide/html/RESTEasy_Spring_Integration.html
> Now, the boot fails because the "scan" can't coexist with Spring.  No
> problem, I can remove the scan....  But then my original 23 resources are
> not available.
> According to the documentation...
> "RESTEasy will automatically scan for @Provider and JAX-RS resource
> annotations on your bean class and register them as JAS-RS resources."
> It would seem that I need to make the 23 resources Spring beans (Add a
> @Named annotation, for example), or else manually list them in my web.xml
> ("resteasy.resources"), or create an Application instance to register
> them...
> Ugh...  Why can't the RestEasy-Spring bootstrap automatically register the
> resources annotated with @Path?
> Or...  Why can't the SCAN coexist with Spring again?
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