I have a project that is using RestEasy -- there were 23 resources.
The project was using "resteasy.scan.resources=true" in the web.xml.

Now, I added another resource.  This time, we need Spring.
So, I add the resteasy-spring dependency and update the web.xml, 
according to the docs:


Now, the boot fails because the "scan" can't coexist with Spring.  No problem, 
I can remove the scan....  But then my original 23 resources are not available.

According to the documentation...

> "RESTEasy will automatically scan for @Provider and JAX-RS resource 
> annotations on your bean class and register them as JAS-RS resources."

It would seem that I need to make the 23 resources Spring beans (Add a @Named 
annotation, for example), or else manually list them in my web.xml 
("resteasy.resources"), or create an Application instance to register them...

Ugh...  Why can't the RestEasy-Spring bootstrap automatically register the 
resources annotated with @Path?

Or...  Why can't the SCAN coexist with Spring again?

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