Hi Partners,

Please find the *requirement details *below and let me know if you have any

Send me profiles at *vam...@compuga.com <vam...@compuga.com>*

*Job Description:*

*Job Title         : UI Designer*
*Location         :* Mt View, CA
*Duration         :* 6-12 months

*Scope of work:*

*Sketching:* Rapidly create sketches that capture discussions (e.g.,
creative brainstorming) about an interaction (e.g., visitors interacting
with an exhibit/installation) or an idea for an interactive
application/exhibit and represent it with a few panels, cartoon-style.

·         *Wireframing / user flows*: Represent the flow of visitor
interactions and visual experiences via wireframes, for use in gathering
stakeholder feedback and/or as design specs.  Flows may encompass multiple
devices and surfaces (i.e., more comprehensive than typical web app
interaction design).

·         *UI mocks: *Create UI mocks for touchscreens, mobile apps, and
web applications.

·         *3D renderings*: Create 3D design representations of an exhibit,
including interior design elements. Create believable renderings of what a
visitor would see.

·         *Stakeholder interaction: *Work closely with engineers,
product/technology managers, and Sales/Marketing stakeholders to develop
deliverable (as described above).

 Storytelling capabilities: Ability to assemble visual elements (cartoon
style or 3D renderings) into a rapidly viewable story with a
beginning/middle/end, characters, physical and interpersonal interactions,
emotions, dramatic tension, and resolution.

·         Creative process facilitation skills: Ability to lead brainstorms
and generally cultivate a creative atmosphere within a team.

·         Experience in creating UI mocks, 3D renderings, wireframes / user
flows, and sketches.

·         Strong visual design sense and deep understanding of interaction

·         Academic background in human-computer interaction or related

·         HTML and/or JavaScript skills helpful.

Thanks & Regards,

*Vamshi Rudra*
39138 Fremont Blvd Suite 201 Fremont CA 94538
*619-639-2353*, vam...@compuga.com, www.compuga.com
* GTalk/YIM: vamshi.staffing*

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