I have a need to backup about 10 GB of data (that's allowing for plenty of 
expansion and incrementals since the client has only 3GB after compression 
right now).  I'm looking at DAT DDS-3, like the ClubMac 12-24GB for $820, 
though I've not had any experience with it.  I haven't had much luck with APS 
lately, though it may have just been isolated incidences (like 3 in a row).  
I would like to hear what others are using, and having success with.

And if I can slip another question in, are the backup duration times that you 
get when working through the worksheets representative of real life?  Are 
backup times shorter these days because we are using faster  Macs.  I get 7 
hours for backing up 3 GB.  It sounds longer than I would expect (especially 
if you read the specs on the drives!)

Phil Geller

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