> I have a need to backup about 10 GB of data (that's allowing for plenty of
> expansion and incrementals since the client has only 3GB after compression
> right now).  I'm looking at DAT DDS-3, like the ClubMac 12-24GB for $820,
> though I've not had any experience with it.  I haven't had much luck with APS
> lately, though it may have just been isolated incidences (like 3 in a row).
> I would like to hear what others are using, and having success with.

Check out the drives from Sony and HP. You'll likely get better
warranties. HP will give you a 3 year overnight exchange warranty on
their externals, plus you can extend it for under $100 per year after
that. Remember that almost ALL backup devices are very mechanical in
nature and mechanical devices wear out and break.

> And if I can slip another question in, are the backup duration times that you
> get when working through the worksheets representative of real life?  Are
> backup times shorter these days because we are using faster  Macs.  I get 7
> hours for backing up 3 GB.  It sounds longer than I would expect (especially
> if you read the specs on the drives!)

I just started some tapes on an HP DDS-3. 6gigs in a little over 4
hours. DAT attached to a G3/266. Very unoptimized. Currently all
AppleTalk. 90% of the data was from a B&@ G3/350. Rest from a 7100
w/G3 on 10baseT, a G3/266, and the backup machine. Now that I have the
new backups running all I have to do is upgrade the rest of the
machines (15) to newer system software, install ASIP on the server,
and switch to TCP/IP. Isn't life simple. <G>

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