I just purchased Retrospect 5.0 server edition for the PC and I am having a
few problems.

1. Win9x clients seem to work sometimes, after a reboot they may or may not
work. When connecting from  the server I get a -530 (client cannot be found
I think it says) In the clients Control panel I get a winsock initialization
error. I have upgraded to winsock2 and applied the update that comes with
the retrospect installer to the win 95 clients and no luck. I see this on
some win95B, win98, and win98 SE boxes. Some are laptops some are desktops.
It doesn't seem to happen on all the boxes.

2. Will retrospect wake up a sleeping HD on a mac? I had 3 macs that
wouldn't backup, but after i went to the machines and hit the SB the HD's
spun up and I successfully did an imediate backup. I configured the HD's to
never go to sleep so I will see if that fixes it after tonight's BU.

3. The last problem I am having is the tapes are not using their full
capacity. The drive is an Exabyte EZ17 autoloader (7 tapes and a mammoth
drive) the tapes hold 20GB Uncompressed and 40GB 2:1 the drive does 140GB
Uncompressed and 280GB 2:1. When I check the members of the backup sets each
tapes says it has Approx. 10GB worth of data. Out of 6 tapes I have only
backed up about 60GB. The network is 10/100 switched and the backup machine
is a P Pro 200 128MB ram. AVG throughput ranges from 40MB/M to around a
125MB/M or so. Clients rage from P150 to P2 500 and Performa 180MHZ to G4

I just bought retrospect and have not gotten the package yet. I am using the
Eval version I downloaded, so I haven't gotten the manual yet.

Any help on any of these issues would be greatly appreciated.

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