>I just purchased Retrospect 5.0 server edition for the PC and I am having a
>few problems.
>1. Win9x clients seem to work sometimes, after a reboot they may or may not
>work. When connecting from  the server I get a -530 (client cannot be found
>I think it says) In the clients Control panel I get a winsock initialization
>error. I have upgraded to winsock2 and applied the update that comes with
>the retrospect installer to the win 95 clients and no luck. I see this on
>some win95B, win98, and win98 SE boxes. Some are laptops some are desktops.
>It doesn't seem to happen on all the boxes.
>2. Will retrospect wake up a sleeping HD on a mac? I had 3 macs that
>wouldn't backup, but after i went to the machines and hit the SB the HD's
>spun up and I successfully did an imediate backup. I configured the HD's to
>never go to sleep so I will see if that fixes it after tonight's BU.

Switch the Energy saver control panel in the Mac to NEVER sleep, and 
use a screen saver such as "true pics"....or just put the monitor to 
sleep after a certain time using the 'show details' button.

I like the idea of saving energy, but I don't like the idea of hard 
drives spinning up and down all the time, least not in desktop 

>3. The last problem I am having is the tapes are not using their full
>capacity. The drive is an Exabyte EZ17 autoloader (7 tapes and a mammoth
>drive) the tapes hold 20GB Uncompressed and 40GB 2:1 the drive does 140GB
>Uncompressed and 280GB 2:1. When I check the members of the backup sets each
>tapes says it has Approx. 10GB worth of data. Out of 6 tapes I have only
>backed up about 60GB. The network is 10/100 switched and the backup machine
>is a P Pro 200 128MB ram. AVG throughput ranges from 40MB/M to around a
>125MB/M or so. Clients rage from P150 to P2 500 and Performa 180MHZ to G4

That's good speed, thanks mostly to the switched hubs and fast cards 
in the macs.... How much data are you backing up?....Simple way is to 
check the log after a full backup and calculate the data based on the 
total average transfer rate multiplied by the total time taken.

Check to see if your device incorporates Hardware compression, if so 
check your preferences to see that you take advantage of that and 
don't use software compression in conjunction with that.

>I just bought retrospect and have not gotten the package yet. I am using the
>Eval version I downloaded, so I haven't gotten the manual yet.
>Any help on any of these issues would be greatly appreciated.
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