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Have you restarted the machine at all between the time the client is
visible and the time it's not? If the client PC is using the "Suspend"
function (Windows 95), which powers off a computer without shutting it down, it
will need to be restarted before Retrospect can access it. Similar behavior
occurs with Windows 98 Stand-by mode and laptop sleep mode. We're hoping
to change this behavior in a future release.

If that's not the problem here, what does the client control panel say in
its status window? Consult the Retrospect User's Guide for
troubleshooting information or contact us directly if this error stays in the control
panel even after restarting.


Matthew Tevenan
Technical Support Specialist
Dantz Development Corporation

Rees Griffiths wrote:
>     Dear All,
>We have found that on several Windows 95 and 98 computers that I can
>the client and all is well when the machine is first booted.  However
>sometime the Retrospect client will no longer respond to backup or
>configuration requests.  I have not been able to isolate the problem to
>other program etc.  Has anybody else seen similar problems?
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>Department of Biological Sciences,
>Graduate School of the Environment,
>Macquarie University, NSW, Australia 2109, + 61 2 9850 8202
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