I have this problem, also.  A lot more than I care for.

I suppose that part of the trick is to teach my PC laptop users to 
disable their sleep mode.  Those times the Retrospect Client reports 
that it does not get loaded on boot up must have been brought about 
because the PC had gone in sleep/standby mode.

Another problem, maybe related, is that, often, if I try to do a 
manual backup of one of our PCs, Retrospect reports that *no* files 
were copied.  And I know that there is new/modified data that needs 
backing up.  I can select files for back up, and they appear to get 
copied to tape.  But a manual, non-selective back up of a PC may very 
well result in no files backed up.


>          Reply to:   RE: Windows clients not responding after a time
>Have you restarted the machine at all between the time the client is
>visible and the time it's not? If the client PC is using the "Suspend"
>function (Windows 95), which powers off a computer without shutting 
>it down, it
>will need to be restarted before Retrospect can access it. Similar behavior
>occurs with Windows 98 Stand-by mode and laptop sleep mode. We're hoping
>to change this behavior in a future release.
>If that's not the problem here, what does the client control panel say in
>its status window? Consult the Retrospect User's Guide for
>troubleshooting information or contact us directly if this error 
>stays in the control
>panel even after restarting.
>Matthew Tevenan
>Technical Support Specialist
>Dantz Development Corporation


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