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Retrospect will now always rewind your tape when you quit the application
to (among other reasons) prevent problems writing an end of data marker.
We were finding that with certain tape drives, if you told Retrospect (in
earlier versions you could do this) not to rewind your tape on quit, it
would not properly write an end of data marker, which would make it
impossible to append data to the end of the tape.

The reason it takes so long? My guess is that Retrospect is waiting until
the command that it sent to the tape drive (to erase) has completed
before freeing up the machine for other tasks. 

Matthew Tevenan
Technical Support Specialist
Dantz Development Corporation

Lionel OSTROWSKI wrote:
>When I quit retrospect, retrospect rewind the tape of my DAT backup
>During this process, about 30-60 seconds, retrospect keep all mac 
>processor time and does'nt permit to clic behind, even the finder... 
>       I think that's a nice feature well thinking by Dantz, but I 
>don't see the raison..
>       Could you explain me the utilities of such feature ?
>Many thanks :-)
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