Actually this allows me to attach the tape drive to the power plug on
the back of the CPU so it shuts down with the system. Without the wait
it will power it off DURING the rewind.

Thomas Myers wrote:
> This is a good example of when to use the asynchronous scsi calls. While the call 
>completes you can be doing waitnextevent so the computer is not FROZE during this 
>time. (Which can be over 1 minute for some media!)
> Tom
> >         Reply to:   RE: during retrospect rewind the tape...
> >Oops! That last paragraph was wrong. What I meant to say was...
> >
> > >The reason it takes so long? My guess is that Retrospect is waiting
> >until
> > >the command that it sent to the tape drive (to REWIND) has completed
> > >before freeing up the machine for other tasks.
> >
> >Sorry folks,

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