I'm sick and tired about this error.

It happens almost every day, on various computers.

-       25.12.1999 7:18:53: Copying Macintosh HD on User 10

!       27.12.1999 8:09:36: System clock and tick timer appear inconsistent, 
code 2
                        Dates, times and statistics may be incorrect.
                Internal consistency check failed:
                Assertion check at "elem.c-806"
        25.12.1999 7:27:45: Execution incomplete

It did not happen with 4.1. 
It quits my backup, leaving the rest of the users unbackupped.

It seems that retrospect goes on a trip at 7:18 and comes back at 8:09, 
realizing that time passes, and goes mad at it. Sometimes the time gap 
lasts 3 hours or more. WHAT'S THIS ???? 

-- R. Sabau

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