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I've forgotten now whether I e-mailed you about this before. I know
you've been dealing with this for a while. Have you taken a look at Dantz
Technical Note 307, on our website at
07, about internal consistency check failures? This is the reason why
you're getting the tick timer error message and why Retrospect seems to go on
that "trip" for hours.

Please look over Tech Note 307 and let me know off-list what
troubleshooting steps you've done from that note and your findings. We will hopefully
find the solution to this fairly quickly.


Matthew Tevenan
Technical Support Specialist
Dantz Development Corporation

Radu-Dan Sabau wrote:
>I'm sick and tired about this error.
>It happens almost every day, on various computers.
>-      25.12.1999 7:18:53: Copying Macintosh HD on User 10
>!      27.12.1999 8:09:36: System clock and tick timer appear inconsistent, 
>code 2
>                       Dates, times and statistics may be incorrect.
>               Internal consistency check failed:
>               Assertion check at "elem.c-806"
>       25.12.1999 7:27:45: Execution incomplete
>It did not happen with 4.1. 
>It quits my backup, leaving the rest of the users unbackupped.
>It seems that retrospect goes on a trip at 7:18 and comes back at 8:09, 
>realizing that time passes, and goes mad at it. Sometimes the time gap 
>lasts 3 hours or more. WHAT'S THIS ???? 
>-- R. Sabau

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