I have an quite old mac which internal cd-reader doesn't support 
CD-RW to which I have a scsi-cd-burner connected. Furthermore I have 
a new G4, without scsi-card.

My problems is that I have a lot of cd-rw:s which I have used to 
backup to but I now want to use for other purposes. Therefore, I want 
to transfer the contents of these cd-rw:s to cd-r:s but how? The only 
cd-reader I have that reads cd-rw:s belongs to a computer which I 
can't connect my burner to, and on the computer my burner is attached 
to, the cd-reader doesn't support cd-rw:s:-(

Any ideas? I have both computers connected to a LAN so if I somehow 
could share the cd-rw:s with Retro's own filesystem on everything 
would have been simple. Is this somehow possible?

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