Hello all,

Retrospect-written CDs do not mount on your desktop, so you cannot make disk
images of them to send over your LAN.

There are a few ways to transfer data from one backup set to another:

--Hook up both (supported) drives to the backup computer and initiate a
backup set transfer, from Tools>Copy>Transfer. Designate a source set and
create and/or designate a destination set. Keep in mind that transferring
does not use any kind of matching files among the source and destination.
Transfer is not designed to clone a backup set. A backup set created by
transfer has only the latest Snapshot for each source in its catalog; it has
no Snapshots on its media. Therefore, you cannot retrieve Snapshots from
media created by backup set transfer.

--Do two transfers. First transfer from your original set to an intermediate
file backup set. Then, do a transfer from the file set to the destination
set. Note, however, that a file backup set has a limit of 2 GB on the
Macintosh (yes, we're planning on changing that) and a limit of the maximum
file size for the corresponding file system on Windows.

--Do some restores to a hard drive, then back the data up to the new
destination set. 

If you have any trouble doing this or need further instructions, please
contact tech support directly.


Matthew Tevenan
Technical Support Specialist
Dantz Development Corporation

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>>> In this case Retrospect is not necessary
>>> Make disk images of the CD-RW's and then transfer them over the LAN and burn
>>> CDR's.
>> But the cd-rw:s doesnt mout for me - how do you make diskimages of them?
>> David
> with Toast
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