At 09.05 -0800 2000-01-04, Matthew Tevenan wrote/2000-01-04, 09.05 
-0800 skrev Matthew Tevenan:

>--Hook up both (supported) drives to the backup computer and initiate a
>backup set transfer, from Tools>Copy>Transfer. Designate a source set and
>create and/or designate a destination set. Keep in mind that transferring
>does not use any kind of matching files among the source and destination.
>Transfer is not designed to clone a backup set. A backup set created by
>transfer has only the latest Snapshot for each source in its catalog; it has
>no Snapshots on its media. Therefore, you cannot retrieve Snapshots from
>media created by backup set transfer.

Is ok to read the cd-rw:s in a reader, or do I need to hook up to 
burners to the same computer?

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