I have two problems, one is hardware and one is software. I'm 
trying to find a software solution to work around my hardware problem 
for now. The hardware problem is we just got a replacement APS DDS-2 
drive for the one that just died (fortunately within 3 weeks of the 
end of the warranty). But now the new drive is giving me 203 errors 
(hardware error) at least once a day when running Retrospect. The old 
drive never (in nearly 2 years) gave any error period (it died by 
munging a tape and then refusing to eject it).

But my problem is that when the error occurs, Reto just pops up an 
alert telling me there is a problem, and then sits there all night 
waiting for someone to click "ok". When you do, it then moves on and 
typically has no more problems. (FYI, the error _always_ occurs just 
before Retro begins the "compare" operation if that means anything).

But right now I can't get a complete back up unattended unless I sit 
there and baby sit it through the entire back up process. I tried 
unchecking the options in Retro to show alerts, but it doesn't seem 
to make any difference. Is there some way to get around this? This is 
driving me nuts... I want "unattended" backup to be truly 
unattended... simply dismiss errors, note them in the log and move on.

Thanks in advance for any help,
-Greg Morin

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