As long as your Windows PCs are on the same subnet as the backup Mac, you
should be able to see them in the Clients on Network window under TCP/IP and
Windows 95/98/NT. If you don't, the most common cause is that they are not
on your local subnet.

In this case, you must either add them by IP address or (if you're using
Retrospect 4.2), add in their subnet so Retrospect will scan it for clients
as well as the local subnet. For information on how to do this, see p. 83 in
the Retrospect 4.2 User's Guide. If you downloaded the 4.2 update to
Retrospect 4.1, this is a .pdf Adobe Acrobat file the updater installed
alongside 4.2. (If it's not there, you applied an earlier updater. Download
the Retrospect 4.2 documentation at


As usual, please call tech support if you have any questions about this.


Matthew Tevenan
Technical Support Specialist
Dantz Development Corporation

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> Subject: Re: How do I dismiss warning dialogs
> I like being able to add new Mac computers by selecting from a list of
> computers with the retro client installed for each zone.  Is the only way
> to add new Windows clients by using their IP address?  No way to select
> them from a list?
> Douglas
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