Will Retrospect support the internal scsi version of Onstream Echo 
SC30 SCSI? It's $200 cheaper than the dedicated mac external scsi 
version (doesn't come bundled with Retro for Mac). For those of us 
who already own a copy of Retrospect, and have an extra bay in our 
backup servers, the Onstream looks like it could be a good upgrade 
path from current drives.

Does anyone have any particular thoughts about the Onstream compared 
to, say, DDS-3 or 4 drives--or other drives in the same price range?


Jim Coefield

>Subject: New Mac RDU / DDS-4 / OnStream
>From: "Eric Ullman" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2000 22:27:26 -0800


>Additionally, RDU 1.9 adds support for the OnStream Echo SC30 SCSI tape
>drive. Please note that the firmware of the OnStream Echo drive must be
>updated to version 1.06 for Retrospect compatibility; versions prior to
>1.0.6 are not supported and will not work.
>Unfortunately, OnStream is not expecting to have the 1.06 firmware updater
>available on their website for at least 30 days.
>Beginning in February, OnStream will offer a Mac version of their Echo 30GB
>drive, bundled with Retrospect, for an estimated street price of $699.
>To recap, the following are all required for OnStream support with Mac
>  o Retrospect 4.2
>  o RDU 1.9
>  o Firmware 1.06 from OnStream (currently unavailable)
>We are working to add OnStream drive support to the Windows version of
>Retrospect in the near future.

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