Jim Coefield <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Will Retrospect support the internal scsi version of Onstream Echo
> SC30 SCSI? It's $200 cheaper than the dedicated mac external scsi
> version (doesn't come bundled with Retro for Mac). For those of us
> who already own a copy of Retrospect, and have an extra bay in our
> backup servers, the Onstream looks like it could be a good upgrade
> path from current drives.

Retrospect does support the internal and external SCSI versions of the
OnStream 30GB drive, provided the drive's firmware is updated to 1.06. The
1.06 firmware update should be available sometime next month.

> Does anyone have any particular thoughts about the Onstream compared
> to, say, DDS-3 or 4 drives--or other drives in the same price range?

 DAT drives cost comparatively more, while ADR (OnStream) media is more
expensive per GB.

Sorry this response is so late, Jim!

Best regards,

Eric Ullman
Dantz Development

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