We have a strange -1028 Error :

Fileserver 1 with MacOS 8.6, AppleShare IP 6.2, Reteospect 4.1A
installed on PowerPC 6100 96 MB RAM with a Sonnet G3 Card and Virtual
Memory turned on. The Backup Skript should backup a Folder from this
Server to a Lacie DVD-RAM. After this, the Skript should backup a
Rerospect-Client  v. 4.1A (Appletalk) on Filesever 2: Tested with MacOS
8.6 and 7.6.1, 4Th Dimension 1.5.4 Server is running and 4D-backup is
doing his job at night. If I manualy start the Skript, everything works
fine. In the night, when the Skript starts automatically, and there is
no change in the Files on Fileserver 1 or Fileserver 2, everything works
fine. If there is a change, the Skript run until it have to backup the
client, than the error -1028 occurs (Client couldn`t be found on

Please Help !

M. Goldschmied
-ConfluData Software GmbH-

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