I wanted to report a possible workaround for this nasty problem to the list.
I know some of you have also had this problem without any simple resolution.

For many months one of my clients experienced error -1028s (client not
visible on network) frequently, often several times each week.  We tried
many fixes including turning off Energy Savers, reinstalling software,
reinstalling Mac OS, switching servers, and even changing offices and
network wiring (though that wasn't driven by this problem).  Nothing helped.

My client noticed that a RIP server running on the network would also fail
to be seen on the network, but would always work after restarting the system
where the RIP was working.  Taking that cue we made a change to the backup
server.  Backups were scheduled for 10pm.  At 9:45 pm we would have the
backup server shutdown using the Energy Saver Control Panel.  We started it
up at 9:50pm.  Since then, no more error -1028s.  I'm not sure why it works,
but can only guess something happens to the networking software that needs
to be cleared out.

Phil Geller
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