When, exactly, do you get the freeze? Typically a hang during the copy phase
of your backup can indicate SCSI problems, but there are other possible
causes as well. If the steps below are not helpful in isolating the problem,
I'd recommend that you give Technical Support a call with details, and we
can look into exactly what's going on.

SCSI troubleshooting, in order:

1. Clean the drive
2. Isolate the device as the only device on the SCSI chain.
3. Try a new tape
4. Check/replace cables
5. Check/replace terminator
6. Try on another SCSI card
7. Try on another machine. This final step can show if there is a problem
with the device itself.

Tech Support can be reached at 925.253.3050 Monday - Thursday 9 to 4 Pacific
Time, Friday 9 to 2:30.


Irena Solomon
Dantz Technical Support

>> Sounds like potential SCSI voodoo to me.
>> Have you tried rearanging cables, and such?
>> Other potential culprits could be the SCI adapter
>> (which one are you using?), or the preferences file.
> I'm using the SIIG AP-40 Ultra-wide SCSI. I'll delete the prefs tonight to
> see if that helps. I tried to quit Retrospect a second ago, but it stalls as
> if it's trying to do something.

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