You mention that the security context under which Retrospect was 
installed can cause this to happen, however, can you not change the 
security context under which a service runs using the Services 
Control Panel?

All services installed run under "SYSTEM" account, unless your 
installer is changing that, and when I did a reinstall, I did not see 
any evidence of that.

How about changing the execution security context for the control 
panel service, so that it can run as an account who has 
administrative rights.


At 9:15 AM -0700 1/25/00, Matthew Tevenan wrote:
>Mary Ann,
>I have seen this type of issue before, and in most cases it has been a
>question of the account under which the client control panel was installed
>not having the correct privileges for the volume in question.
>First, though, check the client control panel to make sure that, under the
>Access tab, the volume in question has not been marked as private. Since
>this is a Windows NT 4.0 machine, have you tried running the client as an
>application instead of a service? Double-click on retroclient.exe and see if
>you are successful in seeing the volume.
>If you are, get properties on the volume and make sure that the
>Administrator has full control, and not just a user with Administrator
>privileges. Try creating a new Administrator account with full control and
>installing the client when logged in under this account.
>Please call us directly if none of these suggestions work or for more
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