I'm more confused than ever. Dantz has been saying that they don't 
support the 6416 Yamaha drive, and that certainly has been my 
experience and the experience of many of us. However, I just 
downloaded your list of supported drives, and lo and behold -- 
there's the Yamaha 6416  on the list!

I have the latest Retro driver 1.9 and the Yamaha firmware update. So 
why doesn't it work I wonder?

Mine is an APS product, and they have said they are going to refund 
my money. But if this can be made to work, I'd love to keep it.

I've done all the SCSI adjustments, but will work only with all SCSI 
devices removed except the burner and by restarting with a limited 
extension set. That makes it useless because I want to backup an 
external drive and my PowerBook to the beige G3.

Any ideas?

Jane White

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