Hi Folks,

This is my first post (I'm still learning a lot about Retrospect).  I've
been called in to provide assistance in configuring our new company backup
strategy.  Here's our first stumbling block:  We can't seem to get
Retrospect Backup 5.0 to control two tape drives (one internal, one
external).  First, I'd like to know if this is possible.  If so, could
someone point me toward some quick and simple instructions on how to
accomplish this task.  Here are some specifics:

Network:  Windows NT 4.0 (SP5)
Server:  Dell PowerEdge 6300
External:  Sony AIT Autoloader Unit (TSL-SA300C)
Internal:  Dell DLT Tape Drive

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

Terry Lee
Information Systems
Channing L. Bete Co., Inc.

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