I outgrew Zip backups so long ago it isn't funny. I've got to start doing 
regular backups at home again. I have 17 GB of storage on my SuperMac, 
but only about 3-4 GB of data. Have several other computers on the home 
network (at least one per family member, plus my file/web/mail server), 
so I'll want at least 10 GB native capacity per backup set.

Speed isn't a huge issue, but cost and reliability are. Total cost is for 
drive plus two 10 GB (native capacity) media sets. I'd appreciate 
comments on the following from list members, especially on reliability 
and real world backup performance.

ORB, $230
  media $30, 2.1 GB native capacity
  total cost: $530
  internal and external options, 732 MB/min???
  pro: lease expensive solution, random access
  con: new, mixed feedback so far from users,
       would use several disks per backup set

APS NS-20 SCSI, $500
  media $45, 10 GB native capacity, Travan technology
  total cost: $590
  external SCSI drive, 50 MB/min
  con: I've heard Travan is noisy

  media $25, 5.2 GB native capacity
  total cost: $600
  external SCSI drive, 80 MB/min
  pro: random access for fast restores
  con: must flip disk every 2.6 GB

ECHO30 SCSI for Mac, $699
  media, $40, 15 GB native capacity
  total cost: $779
  external SCSI drive, 120 MB/min

  media $23, 12 GB native
  total cost: $898
  external SCSI drive, 60 MB/min
  pro: inexpensive media
  con: I have not been impressed with DAT II reliability,
       but have heard DAT III is better, most expensive

I know there was another tape format discussed on the last a couple weeks 
back, but didn't save the thread. If it's in this price range, could 
someone please provide specs and comparison?


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