It likely shows up with only those file types because they were
installed or optimized to be next to each other and that's the area
with the media failure.

Norton and it's cousins are not where near comprehensive in disk
testing. They do a reasonable job but disk failures can manifest
themselves in many ways. Typical media checks by these utilities just
start at 0 and read to the end. If you every look at the APS
PowerTools testing options you'll begin to get an idea of how hard it
is to test. Selected all the test on a 2 gig drive can day a few days.
Your error is likely not noticed doing a media scan but may occur only
if the sectors are read after a long seek to the cylinder. Or
something else hard to track down. If this is a SCSI drive then get
the data off, do a low level format, then restore. If you have to
manually exclude the problem files and just copy them by hand. If it's
an ATA drive then you may be out of luck as a low level format outside
of the factory is not allowed. But in the ATA case I'd also ZERO the
drive as that can clear up errors. (It's a long and detailed story.)

> >Error -36, in my experience, has always meant that a media problem occurred
> >on the source volume. This has never been shown to be isolated to a specific
> >type of file. Error -36 is an Apple-defined error being returned by the OS
> >itself when Retrospect tries to copy a specific file.
> Ahh, but this is the *only* file type that turns up this error and
> I'm backing up gigs every night on 10 machines. As I said it's only
> Photoshop Files that are written by Painter. These files copy fine
> with the finder both locally and over the network.
> >Try verifying the media on your source disk using a disk utility or the
> >formatting program you used to format your hard drive. For example, if it's
> >an Apple-formatted hard drive, use Apple Drive Setup's "Test Disk" command
> >in the Function menu. Disk First Aid is usually not helpful in this case
> >because it only checks for directory problems and does not check your media.
> I've checked both the remote and backup machine's disks with Disk
> First Aid, and Norton, both turn up clean.

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