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It is is possible, but I would not do it: very long scripts.
You will have to create two scripts: one for set A and one for set B.
For set A:
Recycling backup every 8 weeks, starting Monday, February 7th.
Normal backup every 8weeks, starting Tuesday, February 8th.
Normal backup every 8 weeks, starting Wednesday, February 9th.
Normal backup every 8 weeks, starting Thursday, February 10th.
and so on until
Normal backup every 8 weeks, starting Sunday, March 5th.
For set B you have to make similar schedule, which will start with recycling backup on 
March 5th and then have normal backup every day through 4/2. 
I, personally, prefer three weeks rotation backup. I have to make three scripts, which 
are much shorter.
Also, if your employee don't work on the weekend, there is no reason to run backup 
during the weekend (normal backup will add only changed information anyway).
Hope, this may help.

Irina Tarasova
Network Support Specialist
Northshore School District

Sean McCauley wrote:
>    I'm trying to set-up a schedule that will allow me to have 2 backup
>sets. One set will be one month and the other set will be the next month. As
>an example I want set A to start a recycle backup 2/7/00 (First monday of
>the month). Then start 2/8/00 to 3/5/00 with a normal backup. Then set B
>will start a recycle backup 3/6/00 (First monday of the month). Then start
>3/7/00 to 4/2/00 with a normal backup, and then switch back the first monday
>of april to set A.
>    I can schedule the recycle backup on the first monday of each month, but
>I can't figure out how to setup the normal backup that will run the rest of
>the month, and then end the sunday before the first monday. Any help would
>be appreciated
>-- >Sean McCauley
>Western Communications, Inc.
>IS Dept
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