At 21:03 -0800 2/12/00, Moe Rubenzahl wrote:
>Retrospect 4.0 won't back up to my new Yamaha 6416S CD-RW drive 
>(1.0c firmware).  It does not even see the drive. I have:
>- checked for newer ROM software from Yamaha
>- gotten the latest (and last) driver update (14) from Dantz
>Dantz's support folks say no version of Retrospect works with this 
>drive; but they are working on it.
>So my question is: Is it really this hopeless? Anyone have any 
>workaround? I'll gladly update my Retrospect 4.0 if it will help.
>If not -- any other way to backup to this CD-RW other than backing 
>up to a disk file and then using Toast to copy the file to CD?

recently seen on this list:

At 21:08 -0500 1/28/00, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 21:08:27 EST
>Subject: Re: 6416 Yamaha again :-(
>I wrote to Yamaha and got this response:
>We have known of this bug and have provided Dantz with a beta firmware that
>they have confirmed solves this issue. We expect to have it posted on our web
>site in the next few weeks.

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