I don't mean to beat a dead horse, but I too have heard from Yamaha (Tom
Bailey, 1/31/2000) that "Dantz Software is testing the firmware update."
Unless I missed something Neither Matthew Tevenan nor other Dantz
spokesperson has indicated this to be the case.  Of course they haven't said
it's BS either.

I guess I'd like to ask if Dantz can indicate if there's any truth to the
statement made by Tom Bailey.  Even if Dantz isn't responsible for the
performance of the drive, has Yamaha provided a firmware update for testing?

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> From:         Matthew Tevenan
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> Subject:      Re: Retrospect and Yamaha 6416S CD-RW drive
> Moe,
> Dantz has verified that there is a bug in the firmware of the Yamaha 6416
> CD-RW drive. While we have notified Yamaha of this bug, until Yamaha
> releases a fix for this problem, we can no longer officially support
> backup
> to the Yamaha 6416 CD-RW drive with Retrospect or Retrospect Express.
> The bug will cause the drive to intermittently return error 100 (illegal
> command) when used with Retrospect on slower Macintosh and PC models. We
> have some suggestions to try to work around this problem: use a faster
> backup computer if there is one available, or try to increase the data
> rate
> by disabling software compression and minimizing external activity during
> backup.
> Though you can make Retrospect recognize this drive by purchasing an
> upgrade
> to Retrospect 4.2, you may see the error when backing up to this drive on
> your Mac. The only computers I have not seen this error occur on are Power
> Mac G3s and G4s, though even these fast machines are not guaranteed to
> work
> correctly with the drive.
> We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you. You have been added
> to our list of customers with this problem and will be notified when newer
> firmware from Yamaha is available. We're hoping to receive a resolution to
> this soon!
> Regards,
> Matthew Tevenan
> Technical Support Specialist
> Dantz Development Corporation
> 925.253.3050 

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