I recently purchased a Mac G4/400 with the DVD-RAM option, hoping that 
this would be a simple backup solution. I had become extremely bored with 
the sound of and skeptical of the quality of the Travan 4 (Seagate) tape 
backups I was using.

Things haven't worked out quite the way I imagined...it is verrrrrry 
slow, showing 6mb/min as a final transfer stat (disk copy method, 
slightly better for regular backup). You can imagine how long it takes to 
copy 2.5GB at that rate. What I don't know is whether this is actually 
the speed of the drive or whether some other problem exists in my system. 
I don't have any other kind of problem with speed or crashes or anything 
elsewhere on my system.

Is there anyone out there who has used DVD-RAM and can relate to me what 
I should be expecting in terms of transfer speeds? Or suggestions for 



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