On 2/22/2000 4:45 AM, Daniel Knight [EMAIL PROTECTED] said...

>>I recently purchased a Mac G4/400 with the DVD-RAM option, hoping that 
>>this would be a simple backup solution.
>We did the same thing with a G3/300. Apple's IDE DVD-RAM drive has got to 
>be the slowest in existence. And DVD-TuneUp won't help -- Retrospect 
>reformats the DVD using Apple's driver before using it for backup.

Thanks, Daniel, it helps to know that its not something isolated. But 
this still leaves a couple of questions:

1. Does anyone know, or know how to get, the specs for these drives? 
Surely they can't be rated as low as 6mb / min.?

2. What is DVD-TuneUp? And might it help non-Retrospect Finder copy 



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