>There's an Acrobat file that explains the AIT format in detail on the Sony
>website, I'm afraid I can't remember where. Believe me, you want to have the
>formats sorted out in your head before you make a decision. The basic rule
>though is that the smaller tapes will work in larger drives, eg 25-50Gb will
>work in 50-100Gb drives. Look out for the differences between AIT, AIT-1 and
>AIT-2 as well. It's all in the PDF.

I downloaded, printed and read that PDF six months ago or so... Really
usefull stuffes!

Back then I never thought we would buy as fancy stuff as AIT but time

I just explained my plans for a retailer and his answers just kept
confusing me... but I was right and he was wrong!

Stuff like that you can't assume so I needed to double check...


/ jakob

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