I have a new user of a G4 who says he comes in most mornings to his Mac
being frozen and requiring a forced reboot.  The only thing that occurs
overnight is a backup.  I have another user who has only frozen a few times
overnight so I was suspecting Retrospect at first.  Those are the only 2
G4's I have online right now (4 more just came today).

I've been working alot on PC's lately so I haven't hit the Mac pages much.
I've heard there are some bugs in OS 9.  Does anyone know of anything that
might be causing this? Are there any known Retrospect/OS 9 conflicts?

These machines are loaded with Office and all Internet Apps. Then the users
of course add personal goodies and can also get other commercial software
off the campus' Mac Software server. 

TIA for any help,
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