Hi I'm new to the list here and thought I'd ask a question that some of you
here might have knowledge about. 

Quick synopsis of what's going on and what the plan is and ask for any

Feb 2000, Purchased 3 Mac AppleShare IP 6.3 Servers (G4/400), as well as a
Micronet DataDock for each server with (2) 36Gig drives (mirrored). No
backup solution was purchased as we ran out of money for it and it was
planned as a test deployment.

Apr 2000, Just purchased a (G4/450) Desktop & a HP SureStor 718 Autoloader,
and Retrospect Workgroup. What should I be aware of in the deployment of the
Backup "server" is there any Red flags that I should avoid on the install of
Retro Workgroup? 

If these questions have already been answered by a previous post please let
me know which number and I'll look at that. 

Jerry A Rogers
MIS Manager, Ignited Minds LLC
Los Angeles, CA

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