We back up 3 appleshare and 2 NT servers with one of our Retrospect 
servers.  Everything works flawlessly.  Make sure you back up using the 
retrospect client and not by remotely mounting Applshare volumes (you 
don't backup the privileges with the latter).

I (and many others on the list) have been bitten at one time or another by 
not paying close attention to proper termination, cabling of the backup 
device.  It's also been recommended by others to put your backup device on 
its own SCSI bus.

If I may make one suggestion:

Just to give yourself peace of mind, it's a good thing to do a "test 
nuke".  If you can, remove your working mirror disks from the server and 
them aside and grab a fresh HD and drop it in your server.  Totally 
restore it from a retrospect backup, carefully following the instructions 
in Ch9 of the user's manual.  If something goes horribly wrong, you can 
always drop your working mirror back in. 

Every couple of months we do "drills" on one of our test servers - we make 
one of our techs see how fast they can bring a server back from just a 
catalog and a tape.  It really keeps the stress level to a minimum when we 
*really* have to do a restore.

Mark Maytum
Pompanoosuc Mills Corporation

Hi I'm new to the list here and thought I'd ask a question that some of 
here might have knowledge about. 

Quick synopsis of what's going on and what the plan is and ask for any

Feb 2000, Purchased 3 Mac AppleShare IP 6.3 Servers (G4/400), as well as a
Micronet DataDock for each server with (2) 36Gig drives (mirrored). No
backup solution was purchased as we ran out of money for it and it was
planned as a test deployment.

Apr 2000, Just purchased a (G4/450) Desktop & a HP SureStor 718 
and Retrospect Workgroup. What should I be aware of in the deployment of 
Backup "server" is there any Red flags that I should avoid on the install 
Retro Workgroup? 

If these questions have already been answered by a previous post please 
me know which number and I'll look at that. 

Jerry A Rogers
MIS Manager, Ignited Minds LLC
Los Angeles, CA

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