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>If I may make one suggestion:
>Just to give yourself peace of mind, it's a good thing to do a "test 
>nuke".  If you can, remove your working mirror disks from the server and 
>them aside and grab a fresh HD and drop it in your server.  Totally 
>restore it from a retrospect backup, carefully following the instructions 
>in Ch9 of the user's manual.  If something goes horribly wrong, you can 
>always drop your working mirror back in. 
>Every couple of months we do "drills" on one of our test servers - we make 
>one of our techs see how fast they can bring a server back from just a 
>catalog and a tape.  It really keeps the stress level to a minimum when we 
>*really* have to do a restore.

This is a great idea, Mark. I wish all our customers tested restores every once in a 
while. Not only does it keep the stress level down but also it allows you to discover 
holes (like having "private files/folders" turned on inadvertently on clients) that 
you might not otherwise find.


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