In my experience with Retrospect, it does not do a very good job handling
clients that change their IP addresses. We use DHCP here and found that
machines were going for some time without being backed up. We isolated this
problem to changing IP addresses and noticed that whenever we "forgot" a
client and readded them, they worked fine until the user's IP address
changed again. To solve this issue, we reserve all of our IP addresses - we
also do this for DNS purposes.

Now, your problem is different in that we haven't been backing up mobile
users that dial-in. Here at RD, we have people that travel but no sales
force or anyone that works from home on a continual basis. I would suspect
that your best avenue would be to back up those systems via AppleTalk since
it doesn't seem to matter where the machines are on the AppleTalk network
or what the node address is.

Good luck,

Ron Livingston
Systems Engineer
Siecor RD&E


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Hi there,

I was wondering how to manage a backup when they have a fixed ip or
dhcp at work then go home and use dialup on macs and pc's and travel.

How does retrospect recognise a changing ip. Do I have to add the
subnet for all the isp's that are being used??


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