This actually solves thee other problem of people coming in after 
using a dialup at home. I usually have to get them to reboot during 
the day to get a backup. That script is very usefull.

Now, I was planning to filter out and have 2 scripts for offsite 
backups. Once for one special folder, useful for the modems and our 
normal filter that we use for dsl/cable.

Pitty is can't be the control panel pinging the server and not the 
opposite way around. There must be a solution since dantz sell it 
with Internet Backups??


At 9:22 AM -0700 18/4/00, Greg Jewett wrote:
>Another method that we found works at Motorola, is to keep DHCP, and 
>using the following in a batch script, on Windows OS machines.  We 
>do not have a problem with our Macintosh systems and DHCP and the 
>Retrospect Client.
>net stop Retrospect  (Whatever it is called in your Services Control Panel)
>ipconfig /release
>ipconfig /renew
>net start Retrospect
>This causes the DHCP renewal to take place, when the client has been 
>stopped and then starts it again, once the new IP address has been 
>obtained.  We put a shortcut of this batch file on their desktops, 
>and when they come in and dock, the double-click this icon, and it 
>take 10 seconds.
>It also resolves any network problems they maybe having with expired 
>DHCP leases, that are not automatically renewed.
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