Hello, rcash ([EMAIL PROTECTED]). On 19.4.2000 20:51 you wrote:

>I have been experiencing crashes after each nightly back up for almost a
>month now. I have been working with an Engineer at MicroNet, Apple, two
>at Dantz and know a tech at Drive Savers. I will give you the specs and
>the list of trouble shooting that I have done. Please let me know if you
>have experienced anything like this or have any ideas.

We used to have your same problems for a while. The setup is:

- dedicated backup machine with DLT
- Retrospect remotes on the servers (6 of them, a mix of ASIP 6.2 and AS 

what used to happen:

2 servers frozen in the morning, 4 times out of 5, after the night backup.

1 is ASIP 6.2
1 is AS 4.2.1

the other 4 servers were ok.

What is the difference btw these 2 and the other 4 ? It's the big amount 
of files on these 2.

what we have done:

we went from 10baseT hubs to 10/100 switches.
we installed Asante FastPCI 10/100 cards in all our servers.
we turned off the autonegociation on the switch ports where servers 
connect - although this is not so relevant - and set it to 100 half 

the result:

the servers back up in 1/3 of the time.
they don't freeze any more.


people complain 2 days out of 5 that on their workstations there are 
server folders appearing as empty.


each morning I go into the server room and manually reset the AS cache on 
these 2 servers.

As soon as I do it people see the folders contents again.

this is year 2000 technology. It's a wonderful world.

-- R. Sabau

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