We use MacAT ($20 shareware) to boot our ASIP servers every night after 
their backups (5am).  In 6.2 you can write an applescript with a 
disconnect countdown and even a disconnect message (not that there's 
anyone to see it at 5am, it just makes me happy) - you have MacAT run the 
script and then restart (quitting all other applications) and viola! Happy 
restarted server every morning. 

I couldn't figure out to script this with 6.3 so I just have MacAT restart 
the thing without first shutting down the ASIP process.  I'm still not 
sure I'm supposed to do it this way, but it seems to work...

Mark Maytum
Pompanoosuc Mills Corporation

Eric Zylstra <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
05/04/00 05:27 PM
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        Subject:        Problems when asking for new tape.

I have Retrospect 4.2 running on a dedicated machine (Quadra 950, Mac 
OS 8.1, Travan tape).  It backs up my AppleShare IP 6.2 server.

When the tape fills up and Retrospect stops to ask for a new tape, 
problems are created on the server.  Whichever volume was being 
backed up when the request is posted ends up having files that can't 
be found, can't be opened, or for which the owner is said to not have 
sufficient privileges.  Rebooting the server corrects these problem 
(files can be found and are OK, etc.)

Unfortunately, finding a convenient time to reboot my server every 
week is not easy.  Any thoughts?

Eric Zylstra

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