Rebooting every day certainly is an option, but for free I can just 
change the tape before it fills up.  Ever since I put NetBSD on an 
old Quadra to act as a mailserver and listserver (92 days straight 
uptime), I've gotten less pleased and less patient with the problems 
with Retrospect and ASIP.   They both play nicely by themselves, but 
can create a whole heap of troubles when combined.  It also seems 
that most folks have absolutely no problems with the combination, 
which makes me less comfortable with the server and a little 
resentful that I'm having the problems.


>We use MacAT ($20 shareware) to boot our ASIP servers every night after
>their backups (5am).  In 6.2 you can write an applescript with a
>disconnect countdown and even a disconnect message (not that there's
>anyone to see it at 5am, it just makes me happy) - you have MacAT run the
>script and then restart (quitting all other applications) and viola! Happy
>restarted server every morning.
>I couldn't figure out to script this with 6.3 so I just have MacAT restart
>the thing without first shutting down the ASIP process.  I'm still not
>sure I'm supposed to do it this way, but it seems to work...
>Mark Maytum
>Pompanoosuc Mills Corporation
>Eric Zylstra <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
>When the tape fills up and Retrospect stops to ask for a new tape,
>problems are created on the server.  Whichever volume was being
>backed up when the request is posted ends up having files that can't
>be found, can't be opened, or for which the owner is said to not have
>sufficient privileges.  Rebooting the server corrects these problem
>(files can be found and are OK, etc.)

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