Hi Noah,

Retrospect will label erased tapes as it sees fit. If a tape is erased,
Retrospect ignores the tape's name. Retrospect will only look for a tape by
name once that tape has already been written to.

Your specific experience will differ if you are running a regular backup
script or a Backup Server script. Regular, scripted operations will ask for
tapes based on the specific scheduled operations you have set.

A Backup Server script, when instructed to use multiple backup sets, will
dynamically prioritize the media based on its own assessment of the
available backup sets. In an autoloader, when erased media is available,
Backup Server will assign the tapes to more than one backup set and rotate
between them automatically.

It's generally best to label the media *after* Retrospect decides what to
name each tape.

We also have a Backup Server FAQ which will should make its functionality
easier to understand.


Best regards,

Eric Ullman
Dantz Development

Noah Eiger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hello:
> I have an HP DD3 Autoloader. It loads six tapes at a time.
> Within Retrospect, I defined three storage sets (call them Moe,
> Larry, and Curly). I rotate them each week. At the start, I took 18
> blank tapes and labled them Moe1, Moe2,..., Larry1, Larry2, etc.
> After several weeks, I got a message that it could not find Larry-6.
> Yet, the tape that I labeled Larry6 was in the drive.
> When I asked Retrospect what it thought was in each slot of the
> autoloader (Configure>Devices), it said:
> Slot 1: Larry-3
> Slot 2: Larry-2
> Slot 3: Larry-1
> Slot 4: Moe-4
> Slot 5: Larry-5
> Slot 6: Moe-1
> It should look like:
> Slot 1: Larry-1
> Slot 2: Larry-2
> Slot 3: Larry-3
> Slot 4: Larry-4
> Slot 5: Larry-5
> Slot 6: Larry-6
> Remember, these were blank tapes at the beginning of the week.
> Any ideas?

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