I have an HP DD3 Autoloader. It loads six tapes at a time.

Within Retrospect, I defined three storage sets (call them Moe, 
Larry, and Curly). I rotate them each week. At the start, I took 18 
blank tapes and labled them Moe1, Moe2,..., Larry1, Larry2, etc.

After several weeks, I got a message that it could not find Larry-6. 
Yet, the tape that I labeled Larry6 was in the drive.

When I asked Retrospect what it thought was in each slot of the 
autoloader (Configure>Devices), it said:

Slot 1: Larry-3
Slot 2: Larry-2
Slot 3: Larry-1
Slot 4: Moe-4
Slot 5: Larry-5
Slot 6: Moe-1

It should look like:

Slot 1: Larry-1
Slot 2: Larry-2
Slot 3: Larry-3
Slot 4: Larry-4
Slot 5: Larry-5
Slot 6: Larry-6

Remember, these were blank tapes at the beginning of the week.

Any ideas?


Noah M. Eiger
Manager of Information Systems
Mother Jones Magazine / Foundation for National Progress
415-665-6637 x.204


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